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Debt reduction significantly reduces loan costs

Debt reduction significantly reduces loan costs

Bonds are much cheaper today than they were a few years ago. Those who compare the offers well and reschedule an old loan that has become too expensive with the help of a new and cheaper loan will from now on pay less interest and save a lot. Loans are part of everyday life. The debt restructuring models are as simple as they are effective: the loan contract, which becomes too expensive, is terminated and the outstanding amount is repaid in a single amount from a new loan on more favorable terms.

Example: Leonard L. pays a monthly installment of USD 237 for his old lending business at 7% effective interest. If he finds a cheaper bid, he pays the remaining debt of USD 12,000 with the help of a new loan at 3% interest. With the same monthly rate, the new loan volume is repaid about 6 months earlier, with interest expenses Leonard L. saved an impressive USD 1,348.

As part of the debt restructuring, it is also possible to combine several old loans into one advantageous individual loan. Even an expensive current account can be offset with a cheap installment loan. Please note, however, that anyone wishing to reschedule short-term loans should take into account the possible termination costs (“prepayment penalty”); an insight into the contract documents provides security here. Note: For consumer loans taken out since June 11th, 2010, the insurer limits the early repayment penalty to a maximum of 1.0 percentage points of the total debt – you do not have to recognize higher claims.

Are you paying too much for your current balance?

Real Estate Financing Calculator 

Real Estate Financing Calculator 

Keep an eye on the cost history. Including the associated costs. No matter what your housing needs are – whether you have received the property of your choice for sale, whether you are still thinking about whether you are buying a property or whether you want to renovate your existing property. With our real estate calculators, you have an overview of your personal financing options.

Calculate the sum of the monthly installments and get an overview of the costs of your mortgage. Calculate how high the acquisition costs for your property can be. Compare your monthly income and costs and calculate and calculate your budget for a possible real estate purchase. Calculate what you can afford.

Get an overview of the costs of your retrofitting measures. Check the energetic state of conservation of your property and exploit potential savings. Energy saving guidelines of our cooperation partner “co2online” Is the hydraulic balancing of your heating system economically sensible and how much heating costs can you save?

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